1. Is it strong enough?

AVCON® Railings are designed and engineered to meet and exceed all applicable building codes. In fact, tests have shown that it surpasses many codes and is stronger than some conventional metal railing.

2. Does it meet code?

AVCON® has been independently tested and certified to meet national building codes. 

3. Will it fade?

AVCON® Thermoplastic Railing only uses compounds specifically formulated so as not be susceptible to ultra violet light, which cause fading and other deterioration in most plastics. This includes dark colors. See question #6 below.

4. Does AVCON offer a warranty?

Advanced Products, LLC offers a Limited Lifetime warranty.

5. Will it rust or corrode?

The reason for using plastic is to eliminate rusting, painting and corrosion. Plastic does not rust. All internal connectors are stainless steel. All reinforcement is stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized depending on use and location of project.

6. Will it get brittle in the sun, like PVC pipe?

No. The compounds used in AVCON® Railings, especially ASA, are specifically formulated for exterior use eliminating the negative effects the sun and salt have on metals and PVC’s. AVCON will not turn brittle, yellow or fade like PVC.

7. Is it affected by chemicals?

Some chemicals will affect any material known to man. However, we have a list of hundreds of chemicals that have little or no affect on our compounds. These include almost all chemicals that will ever come in contact with AVCON® Railing. Additionally, no glues are used. All connections are mechanical.

8. Will it scratch?

AVCON® is not indestructible. However, marks that may be forced into its surface can be removed by simple sanding & polishing. Another, and easy process uses a common heat gun can remove scratches caused by graffiti or vandalism.

9. Will it burn?

AVCON® is self-extinguishing. An additional source of fuel is required to support combustion.

10. Does it give off toxic fumes if burned?

All materials will give off some fumes if burning. The smoke produced when AVCON® Railing is ignited is less toxic than that produced by burning wood.

11. How is it mounted?

Common and conventional methods of mounting any metal or wood railing apply to our railing. Whatever is specified or required, either a core and grout method, surface bolting, fascia mounting or a specific custom mount can all be used with AVCON.

12. How long will it last?

Plastics do not deteriorate. Whereas this is a problem in landfills, it is a positive with AVCON®. Testing is conducted in various climatic conditions to insure proper performance in all environments.

13. Where is it best used?

AVCON® can be used anywhere railing is needed. All applications: commercial, industrial and residential are ideal for AVCON®.

14. Is it cheaper?

AVCON® costs more than some, less than others. If comparisons are done against other code compliant structural railing, AVCON® is very competitive, often less. The only other material used in the manufacture of railing which claims maintenance and corrosion freedom is stainless steel, however it is only the highest grades of stainless that will perform as stated. When compared to a 316 stainless or higher, AVCON® is much less costly. Unlike stainless steel, AVCON® is available in colors.

15. How do I buy it?

Direct from the manufacturer, by contacting your local Manufacturer’s Representative or the railing installer of your choice.

16. Who can install it?

Any conscientious, mechanical individual familiar with working with a finished product can install AVCON® Railing. We recommend those knowledgeable with AVCON’s system. We can also provide a turnkey operation to those who request it. While not difficult, it is different. 

17. How can I get a price?

Provide us with style, color, method of mounting and dimensions and we will promptly quote your requirements. We can also perform take-offs from supplied architectural drawings.

18. Can I get shop drawings?

Yes. AVCON® maintains a fully computerized AutoCAD department and the experts to operate it.

19. What literature is available?

Brochures, design details, projects list, installation instructions, test data, etc. are available in written form and are also obtainable on our website here.

20. What are your terms?

AVCON® is manufactured project specific therefore our standard terms require a 50% deposit. Unless terms and credit are pre-established, the balance is due at the time of shipment.

21. How is AVCON® shipped?

Either crated and shipped or truckload delivered. We also allow pick-up our factory.

22. What colors are AVCON® Railings available in?

We currently stock white, black, gray and brown. Any color can be matched. Pricing for all colors, other than our stock colors, are dependent on quantity and the specific color required.

23. What size tubing is available?

Currently AVCON® tubing is available in nominal 2”, 1-1/2”, and 1” O.D. 

24. What is the wall thickness?

Different components require different thicknesses. The predominant wall thickness is 5/16” (.312”).

25. Is the color all the way through the material?


26. Can you bend the tubing?

Yes. This sets AVCON® apart from all the others. We have the ability to bend, twist, and contort the tubing to meet many an Architects most elaborate designs. No molded “fittings” are used that would compromise strength or the ability to form radii or other bends.