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AVCON Thermoplastic Railing Systems Keep
Waterparks Splashing All Summer Long!

AVCON Metal Reinforced Thermoplastic railings provide the perfect structure to apply these colorful design elements adding whimsy, visual appeal, and safety to this popular water slide.

Entertainment, water, and amusement park owners ask themselves the same question each season when preparing their properties for the summer - can our park rides and railings look great while providing fun & safety to our guests? If they installed AVCON Metal Reinforced Thermoplastic Railings the answer is YES!

Used in many water and amusement parks around the country, AVCON Thermoplastic Railing systems are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed national building codes. We have years of experience working with water park design experts such as WhiteWater West, who often specify our railings for truly unique installations.

AVCON Metal Reinforced Thermoplastic Railing Systems stand up to the harsh demands of busy amusement parks, and adhere to ADA codes and requirements.

Want to take your park project to the next level?

The AVCON Thermoplastic Railing System is a designer's dream. It comes in a wide range of bright and custom colors and is well suited for the following infill options:

  • Balusters

  • Glass Infill

  • Perforated Panels

  • Wire Mesh

  • Phenolic Resin Panels

  • & more

What does it mean to be maintenance-free?

Imagine never having to paint or refinish your railings! The system is made from a blend of ASA & PVC resin material that combines the strength of both plastics providing durability and color retention in the toughest conditions. We encapsulate the metal reinforcement within thermoplastic that protects the core from weather and damage = no rust, no maintenance.

This unique blend of materials keep your project looking colorful and vibrant season after season. The prefabricated sections make the installation fast and easy.

Want a no-maintenance railing system that fits your design needs?

Find out why the AVCON Thermoplastic railing system is perfect for your next project, update, or renovation!

Click here to learn more about AVCON Thermoplastic Railing Systems.

We are thrilled to have worked with so many of our customers on their unique designs and installations of our railing systems. This summer we'd like to take the opportunity to thank and showcase these amazing stories.  Often in the rush to complete the job, we don't get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the finished project. If you have completed a new project or renovation and would like to share your success, please send us a note at

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