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How Choosing the Right Railing System Keeps Your Campus Back to School Ready All Year 

At North Carolina State University's Cabra Hall our AVCON Thermoplastic Railings provide protection for students - oversized base mounting options available for extra stability.

Getting ready to head back to school can present challenges not only for students planning their new semesters but also for school/campus/housing property managers who need to ensure their compliance and safety. One critical area often overlooked are the campus railing installations which need to stand up to the wear and tear of a busy school year.

From Universities to Pre-Schools, we've helped a number of them across the country balance aesthetic design with safety compliance. Our products are proven in these busy environments, and our engineers and designers are well versed in customizing them to fit within architecturally challenging applications which can be found in many campus locations. Give us a call about your next project, we're happy to help with a free design consultation! 

AVCON Metal Reinforced Thermoplastic Railing Systems help Wisconsin School adhere to ADA codes and requirements.


What are the top reasons going back to school is safer with Advanced Product Railings?

In addition to our endless design, color, and mounting options here are some :

  • Cap post fittings deter skateboarding along railing tops

  • Easy to install as 2nd handrail to ensure ADA Compliance with a range of mounting options available

  • Our aluminum products are low maintenance and chip resistance due to their marine grade powder coating

  • Metal reinforced AVCON Thermoplastic systems are strong and durable enough to withstand campus high-traffic areas, including sports arenas

  • AVCON Thermoplastic systems are maintenance free - simple cleaning solutions, soap, and water even makes graffiti disappear

  • Custom fittings and details like oversized mounting bases and heights provide enhanced safety and protection popular in campus housing areas

  • Our AVCON Thermoplastic systems are perfect for rehab or repairs as their pre-built sections install quickly and easily

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