------------------------------------ September 25, 2017 ---------------------------------


What Does NYC's Local Law 11 Have in Common with the Devastation Caused by Recent Hurricanes?


The devastating storms, floods, and hurricanes of this past month have forced many property managers to re-evaluate the safety conditions of their facilities - including their railing structures and systems. Providing protection and safety for visitors and inhabitants is of paramount importance in selecting the right railing for a renovation or new construction project. With that said, we realized the immediate and extensive damage caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Jose are already proving to be one of the costliest seasons on record with recovery estimates at over $180 billion in damages. 

So what does New York City's Local Law 11 have in common with what we've seen this year? Structural safety. When unexpected natural forces combine with expected wear and tear it's clear there is no better time than the present to inspect and prepare to upgrade and renovate your property's railings.

Advanced Products had a large number of properties affected in these storm stricken areas including Salt Ponds Condominiums in Key West, FL, Fishing Pier in Belmar, NJ (pictured above), the Battery at Waterfront Park in Charleston, SC, and Sugarland Stadium which was able to provide shelter for those displaced during the evacuations.

We know a photo is worth a thousand words, and the ones we saw of our AVCON Thermoplastic installation on the news in Charleston, SC (pictured below) speaks volumes of the durability and structural soundness of this product. Click here to see a video of the storm surges in action!



AVCON Thermoplastic Railing on Fishing Pier in Belmar, NJ during Hurricane Jose 


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