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Why AVCON Thermoplastic Railings Are the Perfect
Solution for Busy Beach & Waterfront Properties

Now that summer is here, crowds are heading to the beach and waterfront locations to stay cool, but what does that mean for property owners and managers? The height of the busy season puts existing railings to the test, especially in high traffic areas where safety comes first. Most architects and builders who know about AVCON Thermoplastic Railing Systems praise it for it's "no-maintenance" features. We agree, but there are several other reasons why this solution is simply the best alternative for these harsh environments.

Most current beach properties initially selected an intricately designed, yet cost effective metal product which has an average useful lifespan of up to 5 years before needing to be renovated or replaced. You see even during the installation process, the coating can become chipped, cracked, or compromised forcing installers to rely on "touch-up" paint to correct cosmetic flaws. The problem with this is it's never as good as when it was originally manufactured and exposed metal near wind, sand, or water can begin corroding in a few short months.

When exposed to harsh beach or waterfront elements, metal railings can quickly corrode requiring costly maintenance, repair, or replacement.

So why do designers & builders love our thermoplastic railing system?

  • Provides structural integrity, safety, and adherence to building codes

  • Offers wide range of colors and insert options provide infinite design possibilities

  • Virtually no maintenance, lasts 30+ years, and a lifetime guarantee saving repair & replacement costs for owners

In addition to providing structural integrity, AVCON Thermoplastic Railings are easy to install and can be customized to fit any design or desired look. The pre-built sections help get your project completed much faster than a standard metal installation as they go in without welding or the need for touch-up. Perfect for busy locations!

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing with this system. The railings can be customized with glass inserts, custom cut metal inserts with resort name or pattern, and because they are made using a heat process we can bend them to fit any curvature perfectly.

Architectural Designers for this beachfront condominium in Long Beach, NY
leveraged the water theme when designing these unique balcony railings.

Most property owners and managers dread the coming of each season because during the inclement weather months existing railings can get damaged requiring costly repairs and replacements. Owners who made the investment in our thermoplastic systems usually just give them a good cleaning and they are as beautiful as the day they were installed. In fact, throughout the season, rain will keep them looking fresh for many seasons.

Check out some of our past AVCON Thermoplastic System projects below:

Want a no-maintenance railing system
that fits your design needs?

Find out why the AVCON Thermoplastic railing system is perfect for your next project, update, or renovation!

We are thrilled to have worked with so many of our customers on their unique designs and installations of our railing systems. This summer we'd like to take the opportunity to thank and showcase these amazing stories. Often in the rush to complete the job, we don't get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the finished project. If you have completed a new project or renovation and would like to share your success, please send us a note at - or simply reply to this newsletter.



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